Monday, August 23

That Was a Close One

Let me set the scene for you... We were headed to Midland, TX for Rock the Desert 2004. POD is the headline band with many more Christian artists that were going to be awesome. My students were all over the chance of a good concert especially if it lasted all day. Midland is about 2 1/2 hours away so we load up in the church van and 2 other vehicles and hit the road. We were talking about strange things, no doubt because of the Junior high girls who were sitting in the seat behind mine, and car trouble became a favorite topic. Anyway, we were about 15 minutes from Midland and everything is going great. Then the van starts shaking and that usually means kids are rocking it back and forth. This time they weren't. About that time I start thinking this isn't right and everyone else thought the same. BOOM! There goes the front tire on the driver's side of a 15 passenger van. Worst nightmare come true! I have other people's kids and we are about rollover into oncoming traffic. The van heads toward a car in the opposite and lane and then someone else started driving. I was still sitting in the driver's seat but the Lord had taken control. God and His angels guided us safely to the side of the road where we changed the tire and made it to our destination. And the drama isn't over yet! The only mother that came with us took the van into get new tire because the side wall of the spare is cracked. They replace tire and check the pressure on the other tires. Then they notice a bubble on the front passenger tire and said that the tire was also ready to blow. I've never been so glad the a tire was cracked in all my life because we may have to do the scene all over again had the technician not checked the tires and the tire not been cracked. Needless to say we made it home safely and the kids really enjoyed themselves. The girls got to freak out, the guys got to experience something "cool", and the sponsors, well, we survived.
And what did we learn from our dramatic experience... The Lord is always at work even when we aren't paying attention. This is a very good thing. Last year we got rained on, this year we blew a tire and got blown away, what will happen next year? Only the Lord knows and I'm glad He is in control.
"For He will give His angels charge concerning you, to guard you in all your ways."
Psalm 91:11

Wednesday, August 11


This is a new thing for me (bringing in others to share in the madness). I have often wondered what it would be like for someone to be in my head seeing what really goes on and this is my chance. Which way now? I will soon find out and will take you along for the ride. But unitl I get there, does anyone have a map?