Wednesday, September 29

Fantasy Revival

I don't know about anyone else in fantasy leagues but I have become obsessed. For the first time ever, I am playing in a fantasy football league and I think I have a problem. Everyday, whether I am playing or not, I take a look at the stats, the players, and the standings. It's ridiculous! This week I get to play my cousin, who haven't seen since his wedding in July, and he is already talking trash. But since he has endured the rains of 3 or 4 hurricanes he can talk all he wants. We will see how it turns out Sunday. Let the obsession continue.
On a more serious note, planned revival starts at my church next week. I am having a hard time with it since I don't think very many people in my church get what the purpose of revival is. They are bringing a former pastor of the church and a musician who grew up in the church to lead us. I am not opposed to home grown boys leading revival, but I do not understand why the names of these men are so important to the revival outcome. Many people have said that they will bring many in because of who they are. Maybe its me, but I thought the name that brought revival was the name of Jesus Christ and his alone. Revival is defined as a period of renewed interest in something or a highly emotional evangelistic meeting but we are missing the interest some and the evangelism part out right. Revival begins in the soul of each disciple of Christ and then spreads like fire to those around. It does not begin by naming the speaker and singer. I have been teaching on the disciples with my youth group and we recently discussed Peter. When Peter spoke in Acts 2, he was prompted by the Holy Spirit and the result was 3,000 people making a life commitment to Jesus Christ. One Sunday School teascher I had put it this way, "We don't need to be revived, we just need to live 'vived'."

Be "VIVED"!!!

Jesus said to her, "I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in me will live, even though he dies; and whoever lives and believes in me will never die. Do you believe this?"
John 11:25-26

Tuesday, September 21


Today has started as a great day. My class that I like to hate was actually tolerable this morning. Parents brought little children (0-2 years) in for us to observe. This made it is easy for me enjoy since I love kids. We were supposed to write stuff down about their developmental achievements and their growth but very few of us did that. We played for an hour and it was the shortest hour for me in a long time. I grew fond of a little named Shelby. She was a 8 months old and she was a chunk. She liked to laugh and pull things. (We may get in trouble because she pulled some things of a bullentin board in the hall but oh well). I am not anywhere near ready for kids but today was a reminder of how much fun they are and why I can't wait to be a daddy. I guess even the bad classes you have to take can have moments that mwke you smile.
Have a wonderful day.

Wednesday, September 1

Teachers teaching teachers...

Classes have started again and I am not so excited after the first couple of days. Of the two classes I have, I only go to a classroom for one of them. This class is shaping up easy yet difficult. The class is Child & Adolescent Psychology/Development. It may sound interesting and it may be from a pscychological standpoint but are focusing on the developmental part. The reason behind this is that is a class full of education majors and is taught by an education professor. Now, I have nothing against teachers at all. I respect them for what they do and support them anyway I can. But, when teachers are teaching future teachers, it seems that the IQ of the class drops 20 points. The professor uses her "speaking voice" which means loud and slow and uses words most second graders would understand. This may not seem like a problem to you and it may just be me but this is going to be a long semester. Apart from this minor dilema, school will be over soon and I will start school again, as a grad student (yea!). Does this ever end?

Have a great day!