Wednesday, February 15

To your knees...

I am calling all you prayer warriors to action out there. I have several friends that need some serious Jesus help. So here they are and thanks for your help.

Justin- Friend at work getting divorce, not dealing well with the stress
Trent- My best boy, his grandpa (cool old guy) is not doing well and may not make it through the summer. Trent's wife is also having a baby in early September. This is scary because Trent is still trying to grow up himself.
San Antonio Rev Weekend- This was formerly known as DNow. All of the leaders are spending time with teenagers discussing the importance of the family and what treasures they are. Pray for travel and God's presence.

There ya'll go. Do your thing. Much love and Pray hard.

Saturday, February 4

In Search Of...

I have never liked looking for a church. There is so much you want to have in the place you join but then again you want to have something to work for. We aren't called or equipped to join the perfect church but instead we are in search of a place that can use our talents and gifts to make it what God wants it to be. We need to be fed but we need to feed as well. I say all this because this is what we have been doing since July so it is always on my mind. Belonging and nutrition are very important and the rest will come into place as we seek the face of God.

In other news, though it is very hush hush (and I will share more on it later), a good friend of mine is getting married in March and it is very exciting. We all knew it would eventually happen with him and this girl because they are awesome together. I'm still say I'm too young for everyone I know to be getting married. HA HA!

In closing, the SUper Bowl does not excite me that much but I'm still going to watch it and I am pulling for the NFC. Why you ask?... Why not? Go Seahawks!

I will talk to some of you soon and see some of you later. Much love.