Tuesday, December 18

God is good...all the time?

At Thanksgiving this year, things were a little different. The normal group was not around and a difficult year had preceded this normally festive holiday. So to change things up, everyone came to our house. Great fun! On Saturday night, my dad gathered us all together and took time to reflect on the year that was. It was many things to us: difficult, rough, survived, and full of change are a few things that we mentioned. In this process, the phrase "God is good" was stated. I'm not sure who said it but I added "all the time." And with that said, my little brother said "no, that is not right." I was a little stunned by this but said nothing and just remembered it. It has stayed with me this long as I have been thinking it over and over again. This year has quiet honestly sucked for me yet this phrase has stayed with me. I continue to think that God is good all the time, even when I don't think so, for one reason: It is who he is. He cannot change the fact of his goodness. The things that I believe to be bad and terrible he uses for good. The situations that arise that seem bleak and dreadful are things that he already knows about and has already provided my needs for through the situation. I do not and will not ever understand the reasoning behind every trial and struggle that I face but I know in his goodness he will guide me through. He is good all the time because his nature demands that goodness be apart of it. He is also just, righteous, and holy but he is good. So I stand by my statement: God is GOOD all the time!