Thursday, November 11

Slight Detour

A few weeks ago my wife and I faced a difficult situation: Stay in a minstry position that we were miserable in or move on and refresh ourselves before we are called again. Well, to make a long story short, we moved and things seem to be on the up swing. I will miss the students that I have worked with for the past two years greatly. My heart was crushed when I realized I had to tell them that we were leaving. But eveything happens according to the plan God has for us so right now I will call this my slight detour to return to the desert and rejoice in the goodness of God. This may seem selfish but I am glad to have more time with my wife (alone) and the rest from the relentless return of the Sabbath. I will rejoice in my time as minister without a church because ideas are already coming to mind for the next sheep to shepherd. My cup does run over and I will be excited for the time God returns me to a church.

Random. I know but itis one of those months.

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