Tuesday, December 7

Stress-Free Zone

Welcome Back!
Sorry to all of you (Sister) who have missed out on the wonderful things that are happening in these parts.
The past few weeks have been all but stress-free. Presentations, papers, and finals are all anyone seems to be talking about and it is a major point of interest in our household. My lovely bride is facing 8 finals in 8 days and a GRE to top it off. Sounds like fun doesn't it. Well, I hate to tell you that its not. I take finals like any other thing I do... I'll do alright with no worries. She, on the other hand, panics at the mere saying of the word, FINALS! So I have decided to introduce a stress-free zone into our house. In this zone, there is no studying, school books or bags, school discussions, Finals, or anything else that causes stress. It is a place of laughter, joking, sleeping, sugar, spice and everything nice. I will let you kow if it catches on and feel free to try it your world. Or as the PS2 likes to put, "Live in your world, PLAY in ours." Deep thoughts I know but my brain is fried after the ONE final that I took.

You are now entering a stress-free zone. I have great day and forget about the rest of it.

OH, by the way,

Much love and I'll holla later.


Anonymous said...

Stress-free is good! Thanks for the post! Love ya!

Jason said...

Wow Kami is the same way. If we lived close we could just lock them in a room together and let have all the stress they wanted...or maybe not. I like the stree-free zone and I will consider it. Thats all I got...

Laura Beth said...

Nate Dog... I haven't heard from you in FOREVER!! You need to post or call or something. Tell your wife I said HI! :o)