Wednesday, May 25

What do you think?

I know I never blog but here is one that I need you to respond to. I have been encountering news and conversations dealing with gay adoption as of late. My mind is full of different possibilities for good and bad outcomes. I think I have my answer but I want to know yours.

Is it okay for gay couples to adopt and raise kids on their own? Does this affect the child's well being and how?

There it is. Two simple questions that I would like to hear from you on.

Much Love and I'll blog soon from Amarillo, TX.


Anonymous said...

Such difficult questions you ask--and I just checked your blog out of habit, had already clicked back when I realized--Hey!--that's a NEW headline. Oh my goodness, oh my goodness! : )

These kinds of questions are deadly for Oranges you know--but I'll give it a shot. You have to realize that in my job I could not let personal feelings, beliefs, values, etc. influence what decision I might eventually make. However, that may change because the legislature introduced a bill in April which would make it illegal for a homosexual couple to adopt in the state of Texas. What has happened to the bill I do not know, and my greater question would be if it would be declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court. ???

Okay, back to the original question. I could argue that any child who is and feels loved by any couple should not be denied adoption just because of the couples' sexual orientation. If the couple is well-adjusted and emotionally stable why should they not be allowed to adopt? They could be better parents than most heterosexual couples because they have dealt with adversity and worked through much of it to get to the point of feeling secure enough in themselves and their relationship to adopt.

I could also argue that a child who is up for adoption already has enough issues and problems to deal with from their own background that the thought of having to deal with homosexual parents and the issues involved there could push them right over the edge. (and my experience, though brief, would say that the edge is already very near) I could just as easily state here that most of these children have issues the general public is not aware of and the homosexual couple as well as the heterosexual couple (am I spelling that correctly?) will both be shocked, hurt, and dumbfounded at the roller coaster world they have just adopted into. Either couple, without an awesome support system and professional help, will travel a dark and difficult path.

As a Christian I would have to base whatever decision I made on what the Word of God says. Oh, and this can be tricky indeed--for who will cast the first stone??? Scripture certainly seems to imply that God has a particular distaste for this specific sin. Scripture also tells us that sin is sin, as humans WE put the rating system on sin--not God--so who's to say that my sin of pride, arrogance, etc. is not as bad as the sin of homosexuality? Just because their sin may be visible and mine is not does not make me any less a sinner than they. (so a wise doctor said to me a few weeks ago) And then there is grace! Thank you Jesus! : ) Here we will take a little diversion. Paul adamantly states that we should NOT sin so that grace may abound--MAY IT NEVER BE--says he. : ) Chemical dependency runs in my family. I have chosen to abstain (for the most part); however, if I were a practicing alcoholic I would not expect someone to allow me to adopt a child. The same argument could be made for a homosexual couple. If they are practicing homosexuality, they should not be allowed to adopt. The problem with that is that in 1 Corinthians 5:9-13 I am told that as a Christian I am not to judge the world--I am to judge (hold accountable) only those who are within the family of God--those being my brothers and sisters in Christ--and in that endeavor I am to be very, very careful for fear that I may be ensnared by the same sin. (same sin huh?, I can hear you guys screaming now as I write--type, whatever)

Then of course we are always blessed, Christians and non, when we follow the laws of God. Your Dad's favorite verse about sums it up: 'He has shown you , O man, what is good; And what does the LORD require of you but to do justly, to love mercy, and to walk humbly with your God?' Micah 6:8

I suspect that if we are walking humbly with our God and have to make that decision He'll show us.

: ) Am I orange or am I orange?

Love you,
Mom : )

Anonymous said...

P.S. Sure you'll blog SOON from Amarillo, sure you will. . . . and I'll take up break dancing in Tahiti.

Steven Liles said...

Man I can't wait to comment on this blog topic. But unfortunately I have tons of work to finish but you better believe I have some beliefs on where I stand on this topic. And it might give you some insight seeing how I am an adopted child myself! Anyway, I love the Wright boys blogs, they are very challenging! Only wish they blogged more often. I love you guys, I am praying for your move to Amarillo...

Anonymous said...

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