Tuesday, September 21


Today has started as a great day. My class that I like to hate was actually tolerable this morning. Parents brought little children (0-2 years) in for us to observe. This made it is easy for me enjoy since I love kids. We were supposed to write stuff down about their developmental achievements and their growth but very few of us did that. We played for an hour and it was the shortest hour for me in a long time. I grew fond of a little named Shelby. She was a 8 months old and she was a chunk. She liked to laugh and pull things. (We may get in trouble because she pulled some things of a bullentin board in the hall but oh well). I am not anywhere near ready for kids but today was a reminder of how much fun they are and why I can't wait to be a daddy. I guess even the bad classes you have to take can have moments that mwke you smile.
Have a wonderful day.


Anonymous said...

And you thought it was going to be bad. Instead, you found a new friend. Silly.

Laura Beth said...

Awh... you are so precious! I can't wait till you and Kristi have kids. Those skinny little red headed things will be too cute! Until then, have fun sleeping through the night (even if you do have to get up and go to class). Ever since Jeff and Tori had John Paul they haven't had much sleep at all.