Wednesday, September 1

Teachers teaching teachers...

Classes have started again and I am not so excited after the first couple of days. Of the two classes I have, I only go to a classroom for one of them. This class is shaping up easy yet difficult. The class is Child & Adolescent Psychology/Development. It may sound interesting and it may be from a pscychological standpoint but are focusing on the developmental part. The reason behind this is that is a class full of education majors and is taught by an education professor. Now, I have nothing against teachers at all. I respect them for what they do and support them anyway I can. But, when teachers are teaching future teachers, it seems that the IQ of the class drops 20 points. The professor uses her "speaking voice" which means loud and slow and uses words most second graders would understand. This may not seem like a problem to you and it may just be me but this is going to be a long semester. Apart from this minor dilema, school will be over soon and I will start school again, as a grad student (yea!). Does this ever end?

Have a great day!


Anonymous said...

Hi Nathan
I'll be 70 years next month and am still in the learning process. I thought when I finished high school I knew it all and had no use for further instruction :) Was I ever wrong. I will be taking a Precept Bible class beginning Monday (under your mother no less)and maybe teaching computer classes at the Senior Center. When you quit learning you might as well hang it up as the only other way is down hill.

It always amazed me when I was in a group like this just how little some people (especially those who had degrees) actually knew. You wondered how they found the class room or made it to work every day.

I always copnsidered myself as about average in intelligence and knowledge, but sometimes I feel like a genius compared to some I have come into contact with.

Hang in there - Grandpa

Anonymous said...

Maybe your just an Orange in a world of Gold. Sorry darlin'! Love you, Mom : )

Laura Beth said...

Coming from another professional student... NO, it never ends! But do you really want it to? Then we have to have REAL jobs, 8 to 5 type stuff, no fun. I rather deal with the homework, the tests and the boring profs than hang up my "professional student" hat.

Congrats on beginning a new semester and being close to graduation! I miss you! Tell Kristi I said Hi.

ryan said...

Look who joins our little blogger world. What's up dude? Hope things are going well. Give me a holler sometime.